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the emotional apects of selling your buSiness
Business Man in Meeting
How does the thought of partnering with an RIA aggregator make you feel?

At some point in time, many financial advisory business owners will find themselves at a crossroads.

They may be looking for ways to grow their businesses while continuing to deliver personalized service, feel overwhelmed by business management tasks that distract them from client-servicing or are thinking about succession planning.
Should they go it alone or look for external resources to help them expand opportunities, build infrastructure, penetrate new markets or plan for succession? If they choose to look for outside help, a likely path may be to explore partnering with a national wealth management firm or an aggregator.
Recent research, conducted by market research firm, Optima Group, Inc. for Hightower Advisors, sought to better understand how advisors evaluate acquirers. The research explored their hopes, expectations and concerns in weighing these opportunities. In one-on-one interviews with RIA business owners, we learned that while capitalizing part or all of their firm’s ownership is a significant consideration, the decision goes well beyond the paycheck.